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June 24, 2013 / John Sheridan



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I wrote about Plugged the first book from Eoin Colfer, the creator of the Artemis Fowl series, to feature Daniel McEvoy last year and now he’s back in another fun-filled sequel. While many crime books feature a wise-cracking detective only a few of them actually manage more than a couple of genuine jokes in the whole book while this has one every other page (or sometimes multiple ones on the one page). This is basically a crime-comedy and a very good one too.

I’m a businessman. And what we got here is a business opportunity. Except he says opera-toonity. For some reason he can’t pronounce the word right and I wouldn’t mind but he works it into every second sentence. Irish Mike Madden says opera-toonity more than the Pope says Jesus. And the Pope says Jesus a lot, especially when people sneak up on him.

For those new to the series, it features Daniel McEvoy as the co-owner of the soon-to-be newly renovated hippest bar in town provided the uneasy truce with the local mob boss Irish Mike Madden doesn’t unravel relying as they were on the Cold War ethos of mutually assured destruction given that McEvoy’s death would beget the death of Madden’s mother by an associate of McEvoy’s in the old country by way of retaliation. Unfortunately, said mother has passed away in the most unfortunate and comical of ways leaving McEvoy once more exposed to Madden’s whims which this time require Daniel to act as a courier to get out from under. With assistance from his Botox-wielding “friend” Zebulon Kronski having to be taken with a pinch of salt Dan has to extricate himself from some of the most bizarre circumstances imaginable featuring thongs, dildoes, corrupt cops &YouTube not to mention a vicious intra-gang war.

My rating 10 out of 10 for the chuckle factor. Have fun people.

Amazon Description:
Dan McEvoy doesn’t set out to get into violent confrontations with New Jersey’s gangster overlords but he’s long since found that once you’re on their radar, there’s only one way to slip off it. So he’s learned his own way to fight back, aiming to outwit rather than kill unless he really has no choice. But when Dan’s glam step-gran Edit shows up on the hunt for his dishevelled aunt Evelyn, it quickly becomes clear that family can provide the deadliest threat of all. In a city of gun-happy criminals, bent cops and a tough-talking woman detective who inspires terror and lust in equal measure, Dan may just have reached the point where sharp wit won’t cut the mustard. But can he play the heavies at their own game?

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