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October 30, 2013 / John Sheridan

Planned Titles for remainder of 2013

These are titles that I’m planning on reading and not necessarily new titles. Most of them fall into one of two groups though – either there is a new release from that particular author and I want to read the earlier titles in the series or they may be 2013 titles from earlier this year that I hope to catch up on. One thing’s for sure though whenever I do a list like this I invariably end up with a few different titles or more titles listed than I can possible read in the time available.

With all that preamble out of the way let’s kick off shall we? I’m currently reading “The Professionals(UK) by Owen Laukkanen and provided I like it well enough I will follow it with book two in that series entitled “Criminal Enterprise(UK) if for no other reason than I bought them on Kindle recently for a combined $6 and want to see what the “buzz” is about before book 3 “Kill Fee(UK) is launched.

Similarly, Wallace Stroby whose Harry Rane series I really liked is back with book 3 in his Crissa Stone series “Shoot the woman first(UK) so I’m going to try to fit in book 1 – “Cold shot to the heart(UK). Then I’ve got Michael Connelly’s latest Mickey Haller novel “The gods of guilt(UK) on pre-order. After that it’ll be a little bit less predictable but the following could make the cut before the end of the year:

1. John Sandford Storm Front (UK) – I haven’t read any of his novels in 20 years and never one of his Virgil Flowers ones so hope to try this one out.
2. Walter Mosley Little Green (UK) – about time I tried one of his Easy Rawlins books
3. Craig Johnson A Serpent’s Tooth (UK) – I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of months and need to get my finger out!
4. James Lee Burke Light of the World (UK) – the latest Dave Robicheaux but again I haven’t kept up with this series in years
5. Charlie Huston Skinner (UK)

Ok I make that nine planned for the rest of 2013, that’s probably about the right number but we’ll have to see whether the ones above are the same ones that I actually end up reading.


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  1. John Sheridan / Jan 2 2014 8:57 pm

    Well I read and liked the two Own Laukkanen titles. As well as those I managed to complete The Gods of Guilt, Storm Front, A Serpent’s Tooth and Cold Shot to the Heart from my list of intended titles. The others of Little Green, Skinner and Light of the World I’ll have to carry forward into 2014.

    Titles that I hadn’t planned on reading but managed to squeeze in before the end of the year included three novellas John Connolly’s The Wanderer in Unknown Realms, Craig Johnson’s Spirit of Steamboat & Michael Connelly’s Switchblade as well as full novels from Jo Nesbo (Cockroaches), George Pelecanos’ The Double and Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim.

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