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November 4, 2011 / John Sheridan

REVIEW: Plugged by Eoin Colfer

“Maybe it’s ’cause I’m Irish”, Red (Morgan Freeman), The Shawshank Redemption

Given that I’m Irish and taking my inspiration from The Shawshank Redemption, I’ve decided to give a mention to fellow Irishman, Eoin Colfer. I’ve never read his Artemis Fowl series which he is best known for, so this is my introduction to him in what amounts to being essentially his debut novel for the non-YA market.

All-in-all, it is an entertaining read following the exploits of Daniel McEvoy as he intersects with “murder, corruption and hair loss in New Jersey”. The hair loss element in the tagline indicates that humour is definitely going to permeate the book particularly in the asides “suffered” by McEvoy from his good friend Zebulon Kronski, who he first encountered during his period serving in the Irish army as a United Nations peacekeeper in the Lebanon when Zeb was an Israeli army doctor performing back street cosmetic enhancement surgery for the Palestinian militias.

Moving forward a few years, they hook up again in NJ, but Zeb disappears from his clinic at the same time as Daniel is caught up in a murder enquiry, following the killing of a friend outside the club where he now works as a doorman. He has to piece it all together and find Zeb (whether dead or alive) before the cops and the local crime boss of the Hollywood Oirish variety catch up with him.

In terms of comparisons, think Colin Bateman, Troy Cook, Carl Hiaasen…..

A quick, enjoyable read but maybe not for you if you prefer hard-boiled or noir.

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