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July 25, 2015 / John Sheridan

Dee-fense, Dee-fense, Dee-fense

aka The Defence by Steve Cavanagh


Amazon US, Amazon UK

This book was everywhere locally when it was launched a few months back. I got my copy from the library and its a few weeks overdue so I better put down a few lines about it before I return it. Firstly, it has one of my favourite covers from the last few years – highly visible in black and yellow but I loved the split down the front showing the various aspects of Eddie Flynn’s personality and even better (which you can’t get from the picture above is) that the left hand side is hidden behind a flap bearing the legend “Meet Eddie Flynn” and only on lifting this do you get to see the dark side.

Well it reads very like a Michael Connelly book which is just about the highest praise you can give a debut author. Not derivative though it does contain a Harry who was a tunnel rat in Vietnam – no harm in including a nod to a master. [Lawrence Block namechecks quite a few authors in The Burglar Who Counted The Spoons which I’ve just finished recently].

Anyway back to The Defence and Eddie Flynn has gone straight but not without difficulties. Strong-armed into taking on a murder trial for the Russian Mob as they’ve kidnapped his daughter he has to use his skills from both sides of the law in order to survive the next few days and get his daughter back alive but what’s the world coming to when you can’t rely on the word of a mobster. Great courtroom drama but interspersed with action as well as he has to escape a frame-up and execute a double-cross while the only support he can call on is from the former tunnel-rat turned judge and his childhood pal who luckily has progressed up the ranks in the Italian mob. What’s a little mob war among friends?

I hope there’ll be another Eddie Flynn novel soon as I’m giving this one 10 out of 10.


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