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May 6, 2014 / John Sheridan

Currently Reading: The Bayou Trilogy


I’ve read some great books lately including John Connolly’s “The Wolf in Winter”, Jo Nesbo’s “The Son” and Pierre Lemaitre’s “Irene” and as usual I’m way behind in actually posting reviews mainly as a result of watching series 1 thru 4 of Justified.

I’m currently reading The Bayou Trilogy from the critically acclaimed Daniel Woodrell and while some of the settings and dialogue would be at home in Justified, the book hasn’t really grabbed me as of yet but I am just over 100 pages into the first book “Under the Bright Lights” so I’m hopeful but on the possible downside I’ve ordered “Don’t Ever Look Back” by Daniel Friedman which is the sequel to one of my favourite books of 2012 so it’s quite likely that I will put this one aside in favour of that if it is delivered in the next couple of days.


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  1. maxeverhart30 / May 6 2014 11:19 pm

    Don’t Ever Get is great. And I live Woodrell. You might try Tomato Red by Woodrell. Opening paragraph is amazing.

    • John Sheridan / May 7 2014 8:51 pm

      I’ll have to look up that one. I’ve moved onto “Muscle For The Wing” which likewise has a great opening paragraph.

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