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July 30, 2012 / John Sheridan

Mailbox Monday


Links: Amazon, Amazon UK

OUTERBOROUGH BLUES: A BROOKLYN MYSTERY is an unconventional noir that takes place on the dawn of urban gentrification. Lyrical, atmospheric and brilliantly suspenseful, Outerborough Blues is the story of a drifter, Caesar Stiles, immersed in a mystery that takes him to the hidden corners of a rapidly changing Brooklyn. The gritty search for a missing art student takes on a mythological sweep, in a gem-like construction, as Stiles has a single week to solve the case while reconciling his own inescapable past. Elegiac and literary, Outerborough Blues: A Brooklyn Mystery pulses with the underbelly of Americana and the universal longing for home.



Links: Amazon, Amazon UK

A gritty, fast-paced thriller about the criminal underworld at work along both sides of the U.S.- Mexico border and a young cop who goes undercover to bring it down. Valentine Pescatore, a volatile rookie Border Patrol agent, is trying to survive the trenches of The Line in San Diego. He gets in trouble and finds himself recruited as an informant by Isabel Puente, a beautiful U.S. agent investigating a powerful Mexican crime family. As he infiltrates the mafia, Pescatore falls in love with Puente. But he clashes with her ally Leo Mendez, chief of a Tijuana anti-corruption unit. Politically charged violence escalates, plunging Pescatore into the lawless “triple border” region of South America and a showdown full of bloodshed and betrayal. Writing with rapid-fire intensity, Sebastian Rotella captures the despair and intrigue of the borderlands, where enforcing the law has become an act of subversion. TRIPLE CROSSING is an explosive and riveting debut.


“This is one of the most accomplished first novels I have ever read. Triple Crossing is full of dangers, deep characters and a story writ on a grand scale. It gives you all of that and much more. Sebastian Rotella takes you into a world you don’t know and it’s as real as any world you do. This is an important piece of work from an author whose voice should be heard.” — Michael Connelly

“There have been many south-of-the-border/drug war novels, but Triple Crossing is the best one I’ve come across by a mile. Rotella, a noted investigative journalist, has a professionally-honed eye for detail that is evident on every page. This alone is impressive, but he also possesses a talent for character and narrative drive that elevates this story to the level of epic greatness.” — George Pelecanos

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