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May 28, 2012 / John Sheridan

Mailbox Monday – Alpha by Greg Rucka


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It’s always nice when a pleasant surprise arrives in the mail. Like this one from Greg Rucka. Slipped under the radar somehow, hadn’t heard any pre-release buzz about it. Even better when it’s an author you having sitting in your TBR pile somewhere but haven’t actually gotten round to reading yet but now I will. Arrived home Friday evening and from across the room I knew a book had arrived – someone obviously got their cover design right! This one is definitely going to catch the eye on the shelves. A sample is available from Mulholland Books who also have an author Q&A. Available in hardback, trade paperback and ebook.


Jonathan ‘Jad’ Bell has spent a lifetime in the US army. He can be relied on to get the job done, whatever happens, whatever the cost. So when someone needs to go undercover at the nation’s biggest amusement park, Jad is the obvious choice. Aside from dealing with fights and missing children, his main responsibility is to prevent the nightmare scenario from coming to pass.

This is the nightmare scenario: A group of well-trained, highly motivated terrorists infiltrate the park. They cut off all escape routes. They take hostages. They ensure every camera in the world is trained on Wilsonville…and then they turn it into a bloodbath.

And on the day the nightmare becomes real, Jad and his team are all that stands between a band of ruthless killers and thousands of innocent people… including Jad’s estranged wife and daughter.


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