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May 15, 2012 / John Sheridan

Recent Purchases

20120514-163429.jpg 20120514-163449.jpg

Just revisiting some items I mentioned awhile back either here or on Twitter.

Firstly I’ve picked up these gorgeous editions of the Martin Beck series published by Fourth Estate featuring forewords by Henning Mankell, Val McDermid, Jo Nesbo, Lee Child, Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane amongst others.

As Mankell states in relation to Roseanna “it’s a modern classic” and “the book still holds up today” which I can vouch for as I read it for the first time last year and it made my best of the year list or as Michael Connelly puts it “one of the most authentic, gripping and profound collection of police procedurals ever accomplished.” These look really nice and I can’t wait to read more of them.

1965 – Roseanna (Amazon UK)
1966 – The Man who Went Up in Smoke (Amazon UK)
1967 – The Man on the Balcony (Amazon UK)
1968 – The Laughing Policeman (Amazon UK)
1969 – The Fire Engine That Disappeared (Amazon UK)
1970 – Murder at the Savoy (Amazon UK)
1971 – The Abominable Man (Amazon UK)
1972 – The Locked Room (Amazon UK)
1974 – Cop Killer (Amazon UK)
1975 – The Terrorists (Amazon UK)
I haven’t provided links to Amazon US site as the US editions published by Vintage Crime / Black Lizard are different but obviously still worth buying if you’re just after the main content.

I’ve also previously mentioned John Connolly’s revised edition of “The Reflecting Eye” which I collected today from Alan Hanna’s Bookshop in Rathmines (Dublin, Ireland). This is a luxury which I wouldn’t normally indulge but I couldn’t resist.

Lastly, I also purchased the latest in the Inspector Devlin series set in Donegal in the north of Ireland (where my mother hails from incidentally). I enjoyed the first two in the series but as this is number five I may not get to read this just yet. The Nameless Dead is available from 10th May 2012. (Amazon UK, Amazon) For some reason it’s tagged on Amazon US as the 4th rather than 5th in the series. Synopsis reproduced below.

‘You can’t investigate the baby, Inspector. It’s the law.’ Declan Cleary’s body has never been found, but everyone believes he was killed for informing on a friend over thirty years ago. Now the Commission for Location of Victims’ Remains is following a tip-off that he was buried on the small isle of Islandmore, in the middle of the River Foyle. Instead, the dig uncovers a baby’s skeleton, and it doesn’t look like death by natural causes.But evidence revealed by the Commission’s activities cannot lead to prosecution. Inspector Devlin is torn. He has no desire to resurrect the violent divisions of the recent past. Neither can he let a suspected murderer go unpunished.Now the secret is out, more deaths follow. Devlin must trust his conscience – even when that puts those closest to him at terrible risk . . .

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