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December 9, 2011 / John Sheridan

Review – Hell & Gone by Duane Swierczynski

Another week and another Duane Swierczynski novel down. This time it’s part two of the Charlie Hardie trilogy – Hell & Gone (Amazon UK). Following on from Fun & Games (Amazon UK)last week, I can’t believe I have to wait another 3 months until part 3 “Point & Shoot” (Amazon, Amazon UK) is released. Seriously? 3 months? Can I have an ARC now please? No? Thought not. D@mn!

I was expecting a straight continuation from Fun & Games (Amazon UK) but this goes so much further. The opening pages place the scale of what “The Accident People” can do on a whole other level as it sets up a grand conspiracy. While Fun & Games (Amazon UK) was essentially a “chase” novel, in Hell & Gone (Amazon UK) Charlie unfortunately has been captured and spirited away to a secret location and, confusingly to Charlie, installed as warden of this unknown underground prison. But how to get out when you don’t who you can trust – is it the prisoners or the guards and are under constant surveillance.

What follows is “The Milgram Experiment” writ large. Go ahead and follow the link to find out more – I had to because even though it rang a bell with me I couldn’t recall the specifics and when you are familiar with them, you will appreciate the ingenuity of what Swierczynski has achieved with it even more – but read the book first.

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