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November 13, 2011 / John Sheridan

REVIEW: Boulevard by Stephen Jay Schwartz

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Synopsis from

LAPD detective Hayden Glass has only one vice…the girls who work the streets he’s vowed to protect. Hayden Glass never had it easy. He fought hard for everything he got, hounded by a shame that he could never quite define or conquer. Now a Los Angeles Police Department Robbery-Homicide detective, Glass is still haunted by the scars that left a permanent void in his soul. He deals with it the only way he can . . . . he cruises Sunset Boulevard, picking up prostitutes. Hayden Glass is a sex addict. Called to investigate a heinous crime scene involving the niece of a prominent L.A. politician, Glass is quickly overwhelmed by the media spotlight. When new murders arise, Glass sees a link where no one else does, realizing that this is the work of a vicious, sadistic sexual predator. But the link, seen through Hayden’s eyes, reveals the darkest connection…Hayden himself.

My review:

Boulevard is an engrossing serial killer thriller with an ending not dissimilar to the movie Se7en. Detective Hayden Glass is seriously flawed and on a downward spiral. He’s lost his wife because of his sexual addiction problem, and he’s having serious problems getting past step 3 in his 12 step programme. He’s also been kicked out of his addiction group, since the other members aren’t comfortable with having a cop there.  When a murderer starts killing people that only Hayden knows, he realizes that the deaths are related, but he can’t reveal to his boss just why he knows the prostitute victims. Hayden’s problems escalate when his wallet turns up at a crime scene and now he’s suspect number one, suspended from duty, and running out of options and time.

Recommended but not for the fainthearted. Personally, I’ll be checking out the sequel “Beat”.

P.S. Don’t forget about the contest running this week. Refer to CT’s post for details.

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