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April 16, 2010 / C.T. Henry

REVIEW: The Hidden Man by David Ellis

Even though this is has all of the elements of a legal thriller, The Hidden Man, is essentially a mystery.  At its core, we must constantly ask ourselves: Who kidnapped and killed two-year-old Audrey Culter 28 years ago?  Attorney Jason Kolarich defends his childhood best friend Sammy Culter for murdering a pedophile, who was originally accused of Audrey’s murder.

Some people are just lucky.  Jason Kolarich is a very compelling character and an extremely fortuitous one.  At pivotal times in his life, the fates smiled on him.  His athletic ability saved him from a life of crime that so many from his neighborhood fell into.  Refreshingly, David Ellis gives readers a hero who is unlike the average lawyer.  With his football background and violent temper, he isn’t one to back down from a physical fight.  Also, when the chips are down, he doesn’t capitulate, instead he goes on the offensive.  When the mysterious “Smith” tries to control Jason’s case by setting up Jason’s brother, Pete, instead of giving in, Jason does the exact opposite.

Ellis always does the unexpected.  Great story, characterization, and ending.  You can’t ask for much more.

Verdict: GOOD BUT NOT GREAT (Translation: Recommended with some reservations)


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