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February 15, 2010 / C.T. Henry

Review: ECHO PARK by Michael Connelly

You can be sure of one thing when you pick up a Michael Connelly book: He doesn’t write bad books.  Echo Park is no different; I could not put this riveting thriller down.  The fast-pace, budding romance, and engrossing action reminded me of City of Bones, when I was first introduced to Harry Bosch.

Harry’s relentless crusade to take down the bad guy makes me think of Batman with a badge.  He does things his way – ignoring protocol and disobeying orders.  Without using the first person, Bosch’s voice leaps from the pages and mesmerizes the reader. I like being there.  I like seeing the world through his eyes.  I like his moral righteousness, his sense of justice, and even his recklessness.  He’s a rebel with a badge.

Guilt-ridden for 13 years, Bosch can’t get over the Maria Gesto case.  It haunts him as one of the few that got away.  Every few years, he retraces his steps and works the case again.  When a convicted murderer reveals that he killed Maria Gesto, Bosch jumps at the opportunity to meet her murderer and hear his confession.  However, the plot takes a turn when the murderer takes a field trip to show the police where her buried Maria Gesto.  Connelly masterfully writes twists and turns into this excellent plot, forcing you to catch your breath and wish the book would never end.

Verdict: GOOD BUT NOT GREAT (Translation: Recommended with some reservations)

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