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August 14, 2009 / C.T. Henry

REVIEW: The Lovers by John Connolly

the loversThe Lovers is a gem for die-hard Charlie Parker fans.  Throughout the series, Connolly suggests that there are unanswered questions about Parker’s past, especially surrounding his father’s suicide.  In this latest thriller, Connolly reveals what actually happened on that fateful night when Charlie’s father, a NYPD cop, took his own life, after shooting two unarmed teenagers.  When his P.I. license is taken from him, Parker begins to investigate his own family, only to discover the truth about his own origins.

I would not read this book if you haven’t read other Parker thrillers. Although the final confrontation at the book’s conclusion was a bit abrupt, learning the back story of why Parker’s father shot the teenagers was totally worth it.  I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough.  Nevertheless, The Lovers seemed more like a quickie for Parker fans than a true Parker novel, which would have a greater role for Angel and Louis.

Verdict: GOOD BUT NOT GREAT (Translation: Recommended with some reservations)


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