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March 11, 2009 / C.T. Henry

REVIEW: A Stolen Season by Steve Hamilton


Since the very first book in the series, A Cold Day in Paradise, I have been a huge fan of the Alex McKnight series.  Part of the reason is Steve Hamilton’s excellent, terse writing.  However, it’s the character of Alex McKnight that really intrigues me.  McKnight isn’t like all those “smart” P.I.s out there. He often makes stupid decisions, reacts impulsively, and uses brute force. Unfortunately, he always seems to think with his fists first.

This latest McKnight adventure sees Alex as happy as he’s ever been, and the reason is his girlfriend, Natalie Reynaud. As she goes undercover in Toronto to take down a gun smuggling ring, he constantly worries about her, even though they talk every night on the phone. When a boat collides at full-speed with some old bridge pilings, McKnight manages to save the occupants.  However, they’re not as grateful as one would think.  Then Natalie shows up in Paradise to surprise McKnight, only to be caught in the same web with the shady characters from the boat accident.

There’s raw emotion in the pages of this novel, and McKnight’s travels all over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula keep the plot moving along. There’s something about a cold, wintry mystery that I just love, and Hamilton delivers better than most.  (If you’ve never read an Alex McKnight novel, start at the beginning with A Cold Day in Paradise.  You won’t be disappointed.)

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