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February 17, 2009 / C.T. Henry


200412016-001Continuing the theme of “Character is King,” I thought I might post a list of my favorite characters, but with a twist.  What characters totally enthrall you?  What characters would you love to meet?  With each new adventure, I spend so much time with these fictional characters that I feel like I truly know them.  They fascinate me and captivate me.

10. Mary Russell (Laurie King) – As Sherlock Holmes’ equal, I’d love a lesson in chess over tea.

9. Cork O’Connor (William Kent Krueger) – Staying at his cabin in Minnesota, hanging out at his hotdog stand, and meeting his daughters would be a real treat.

8. Alex McKnight (Steve Hamilton) – A tour of Paradise on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with Alex as a guide would be great.  Then we could go to the Glasgow Inn for some Molson.

7. Patrick Kenzie (Dennis Lehane) – I’d love to have a beer with Patrick in a Boston pub and have him tell me about his latest investigation.  Maybe he would introduce me to Bubba…  On second thought, maybe I don’t want to ever meet Bubba.

6. John Rain (Barry Eisler) – I’d love for Rain to teach me Jujutsu and then go to Tokyo’s best jazz club to hear Midori play the piano.

5. Mickey Haller (Michael Connelly) – Wouldn’t it be great to talk trial strategy with Mickey?  I’d volunteer my services for free, just to see him prepare a case.

4. Joe Pitt (Charlie Huston) – Hopefully, when I meet him, he won’t be in a bad mood. (I know that’s not likely.)  I also hope that he’s fed the Vyrus and he’s not thirsty.

3. Jack Reacher (Lee Child) – It would be a pleasure just to shake those huge hands of his.  He’s definitely someone I’d want around when I’m being mugged or kidnapped.

2. Joe Pike (Robert Crais) – Yes, I’d rather meet Pike than Elvis Cole.  Wouldn’t want to play Hide-and-Seek with Pike though.  No, I’d just like him to show me his gun collection.

1. Matthew Shardlake (C.J. Sansom) – I’d love to have a pint with Master Shardlake more than anyone else on the list, even if it is in a 16th century Tudor alehouse.

Who are your favorite characters?  Comment below and create your own top ten list of characters you’d like to meet.  I’m interested to read why you’d want to meet your favorite characters in real life.


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  1. Corey Wilde / Feb 17 2009 2:33 pm

    Awesome group. I’d have to make room to include Elvis though. I want to sit out on his deck, with the detachable railing taken off, legs dangling, and have a couple of cervezas. In no particular order my favorite characters are:

    9 & 10: Elvis Cole & Joe Pike (Robert Crais). ‘Nuff said.
    7 & 8: Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin (Peter O’Donnell) – just listening to Willie tell his girl stories would be a hoot.
    6: Donald Lam (Erle Stanley Gardner aka AA Fair) – For me, there’s no smarter PI in the books.
    5: Jack Reacher (Lee Child) – I want to sit at a coffee shop with him for about 3 hours and just try to see what he sees.
    4: Lucas Davenport (John Sandford) – Tough and with that black humor cops are so good at.
    3: Mac Fontana (Earl Emerson) – Fire chief extraordinaire. I’d like to go fishing with him in the Cascades.
    2: John Corey (Nelson Demille) – I’d be in stitches all the time, I think he’s hilarious as only New Yorkers can be without trying.
    1. John Dortmunder and his gang (Donald E. Westlake). Yeah, I guess I made this list up based on characters I find funniest or most entertaining.

  2. Cathy / Mar 17 2009 6:19 pm

    This is such a great idea that I stole it for my own blog!

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