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December 24, 2008 / C.T. Henry

REVIEW: The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly

brass-verdictThe Brass Verdict is the sequel to my all-time favorite legal thriller – The Lincoln Lawyer.  Yet again Michael Connelly has written an outstanding story full of surprises.

When attorney Jerry Vincent is murdered, Mickey Haller inherits his practice and high profile clients, including the movie mogul, Walter Elliot.  Although he consistently professes his innocence, Elliot is accused of murdering his young wife and her lover. The story builds in complexity as Haller takes on other cases as well.  With plenty of twists and turns, Connelly always keeps you guessing.

In its own right, the courtroom drama of the high-profile murder case is tantalizing enough, but Connelly gives us even more.  Harry Bosch, Connelly’s popular detective hero, enters the story in a supporting role as the lead investigator into Jerry Vincent’s murder.  Bosch hints that the killer might also want Haller dead, and the two work together to catch the murderer.  The nuanced wordplay between Haller and Bosch reads like sonorous music to the ears of any Connelly fan.  And for those who haven’t read Black Ice, the relationship between these two characters grows, revealing an unexpected secret.

I thoroughly enjoyed this latest thriller by the best writer in the business.  Highly recommended!

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