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November 13, 2007 / C.T. Henry

Just Finished the BEST Historical Mystery!

dissoultion I have been just blown away by C.J. Sansom’s first historical mystery: Dissolution. For the past few weeks I’ve been transported to 1537 where King Henry VIII is shutting down the monasteries throughout England. However, one of the King’s commissioners is found beheaded at the monastery at Scarnsea. Lord Thomas Cromwell has ordered Matthew Shardlake, a hunchbacked lawyer, to investigate the murder and negotiate the surrender of the monastery. But the plot thickens! A young servant is poisoned and then the body of a servant girl emerges from the monastery pond. Shardlake has a great puzzle to solve, if he is to survive the killer and London politics! The writing in this historical novel was seamless that I easily felt immersed in the time period. However, it is Sansom’s effective use of the religious tension in the atmosphere that truly captivated me. As soon as I finished the last page, I bought the next book Dark Fire.


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