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November 12, 2007 / C.T. Henry

In Love with Lehane

drink before watersacreddarkness take my handgone baby gonePrayers for Rain

If you love hard-boiled mysteries, you need to pick up a book from Dennis Lehane’s Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro mystery series. Ever since I finished Gone Baby Gone (probably my favorite mystery novel ever!), I’ve been reading Dennis Lehane non-stop. Years ago I read Mystic River and Shutter Island – both great stand-alones – but I truly love the series. Although my personal preference is for first person narratives, it’s much more than that. When you read Lehane, you know you’re reading a master crime writer. Subjects, which are glossed over in other books, are front and center in Lehane’s novels, like the struggle to maintain morals in a world that’s falling apart. His characters have tremendous depth, and they often have to make tough choices. However, the most important reason to read a Lehane novel is that his endings are so deliciously satisfying, you just want more.

Please read these books BEFORE watching Ben Affleck’s new movie Gone, Baby, Gone. There is NO WAY the movie will be as satisfying.


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