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September 23, 2007 / C.T. Henry

REVIEW: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

shutter islandI’m a sucker for post-war thrillers, and this is one of the best. After a female prisoner escapes in 1954, Federal Marshals Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule take the ferry to Shutter Island, home of the criminally insane. What they find is completely baffling. A former code-breaker in WWII, Teddy must decipher the missing prisoner’s cryptic messages and unlock the secret of Shutter Island. This creepy place is enough to make anyone on edge, but for Teddy, it brings out his own personal demons: his fear of water and the loss of his beloved wife. To make matters worse, a furious hurricane is due to hit the island, and he’s running out of time. Lehane’s writing is so good, the reader falls completely under his spell. Many will be utterly shocked by the ending. The Publisher’s Weekly review of the book said it all: “it is one of the most aesthetically right resolutions ever written.” Powerful!

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