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August 25, 2007 / C.T. Henry

One of the BEST LEGAL THRILLERS I’ve Read in a Long Time

Lincoln Lawyer How do you begin to describe the best legal thriller you’ve ever read? This was a well-paced, highly entertaining story, but the book’s real success is its longevity. You continue to be captivated by it weeks after reading it. Hands down, this is Connelly’s best novel. Few books leave you so completely fulfilled at the end.

Mick Haller is a defense attorney with a unique perspective on how the justice system works. To him, it’s a machine, and he’s the “greasy angel” who keeps it well oiled. Even though Haller’s cynicism is a constant source of amusement, his real fear is that he will be unable to recognize real innocence. Then an enticing case comes along with a franchise client, who can pay top dollar. Accused of attempted murder for the battery of a woman, Louis Roulet hires his services. What first seems to be a straight forward case, will ultimately test Haller to his limits: his family will be threatened, he will be accused of a crime, and someone very close to him will die. Not only is this an insightful and fresh look at our legal system, the writing is first-rate.


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  1. Glenda / Jul 23 2013 12:21 am

    Have your read the new legal thriller that takes place in Texas called “Cried For No One”? It is great – just finished it. It involves the theft of the body of a young co-ed and a case brought by the parents against the funeral home – wild ride!

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